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Lucas Formula - Maxibloom - Low light?

Hi everyone. I am using the Maxibloom one part nutrient lucas formula method. I bottom feed 50:50 coco perlite in smart pots. My wattage is two 250 watt lamps, however currently I only run one at a time due to heat issues. Hopefully in winter I will be able to run both at once. Anyway, my plants show signs of overfeeding using 7g/gal under only 250watts. How much maxibloom per gallon should I put for my low light situation? I know there is a lucas formula for it using bottled nutrients....

I do not know how to use the nutrient calculator stuff... but maxibloom is 5.15.14

I was thinking, since maxibloom is low in N if i give her like 5g that might be too little N. If i give her 6g that might be too much P and K still.

"This was never stated by Lucas himself. He originally stated that the 0-5-10 ratio was for LOW LIGHT situations (fluorescent lighting like PL/L and CFLs, or HID lamps less than 400W), whereas 0-8-16 is for medium to high light (400W+)" - Lucas formula website


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